Brutus Jon’s Success Story

Brutus Jon’s Success Story

His parents were floating on Cloud Nine the day their foster Brutus became their forever Brutus. The fosters had their application in just waiting for the perfect dog!

After bearing sad witness to his having been adopted out twice and returned twice, they were overjoyed at the golden opportunity they had been given to both banish his past and burnish his future. And to their delight, he not only felt familiarly at home with them, but he also knew that, finally, he was well and truly home. And he LOVED it.

His adoring and doting dad’s dedicated Velcro dog, Brutus is as loyal as he is loving and he’s never more than a heartbeat away from him, whether it’s following him through the house or sleeping right next to him in bed at night. Friendly, patient, and protective, he’s an excellent teacher and role model, helping his family’s other fosters settle in and feel comfortable in their home.

Famously fond of taking car rides around town – and even to the vet – Brutus considers hunting lizards his favorite activity. He doesn’t feel the same way, however, about baths.

In fact, whenever it’s time for a bath, he promptly runs and hides in the bedroom!


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