Tasha and Sydney’s Success Story

Tasha and Sydney’s Success Story

GRRMF received a call from a Good Samaritan about 2 Goldens she had found.  After doing due diligence in finding their owner the bonded pair of girls were surrendered to GRRMF.

Months before, a couple decided they were ready for another dog, as they had overcome the grief of losing their Goldens and were ready to bring more Golden joy into the lives of their 2 young boys.  As Brooke says, “I checked the bonded pair box, and thought to myself, we’ll never find a pair like the ones we had”.

As luck would have it, GRRMF called Brooke and told her the news of this pair, a couple of cuties named Tasha and Sydney but……Sydney had a heart murmur and would need to undergo a couple of tests in a few days to determine if she would be “adoptable”.  Brooke told her husband and he said, “Hmmm a murmur?”  Brooke smiled and replied, “Honey, you have a heart murmur and I married you”!  As a photo arrived, Brooke could not believe how similar these two looked to the pair they had previously owned.  “It was like looking at ours when they were two”.

Again, luck was in their court, the tests showed that the murmur was not life threatening and Sydney would lead a normal life!  Brooke set about arranging a meet and greet with the fosters.  They told their sons that they were coming over to check the dogs out to see if they wanted a dog.  They held off telling them they knew they were getting BOTH!

Of course the boys fell in love with both dogs, each boy picking their own dog.  Outside they played, each with his
“own” dog, once back inside the foster mom showed them how to give their dogs treats and make them sit.  Then Dad said, “So which one boys?”  He left the room to talk with the foster dad and the looks on the boy’s face was panic when they realized OH NO – we have to decide!  They huddled and discussed but couldn’t come up with a plan.  It was time to convince Mom that they had to take them both “cause they are sisters and we’re brothers and we wouldn’t want to be split up – so PLEASE Mom”.

Dad and Mom talked this over for what must have been years for the boys, but in the end it was decided each boy could get their dog!  Happy boys and happy Goldens as everyone cheered.


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