Apollo Archie’s Success Story

Apollo Archie’s Success Story

Hi Everyone!

You remember me? Apollo? I came to GRRMF when my previous owner moved overseas. I wasn’t exactly a model child (thunderstorms really stress me out) but Phil adopted me and I’ve made great strides since then. For the summer, Phil took me and my siblings up here to Cape Cod to escape that Florida heat. We check the “feels like” index from Florida before our morning walk in the cool sea air.

In the evening, let me tell you, we go to the ball park and watch the Cape Cod Baseball League games. (They let humans play ball here – not like at the dog park). From the beginning I thought the team mascot, the “Harbor Hawk” was for eating….I’d bark and tug on the leash. The regular fans got a kick out of this “feud” between a “Hawk” and a dog genetically wired to retrieve birds. I finally decided (as you can see from the photos) that I better make peace with this “Hawk”, so at the last game we put on a show for the fans. They loved it!

Stay cool in Florida and we’ll be back home soon,


Apollo & my human, Phil


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