Legacy Dog – Chase’s Success Story

Legacy Dog – Chase’s Success Story

From 2003

Chase joined our family at four years old due to a new child’s allergies in his family and because his fear of thunderstorms made him so distraught that he would try to escape to run. He was quite heartbroken when he arrived and you could see through his eyes into his soul, that he was pining away for his owner.

Through lots of encouragement, love and patience along with having two other GRRMF siblings in our family, we believe that he overcame most of his sadness and fears of thunder. Although we are certain that he always kept his owner in his heart.

He turned out to be quite a water lover of the pool and was happy to fetch tennis balls and bring them back to whoever would throw them for him all day long.  This was hard to believe as he was so shy in the beginning that he did not want to have a bath because he feared the water. Only a few short months later he was doing the doggy paddle like a champion and upstaging his GRRMF brother who had no desire to be in the pool. So the pool was all his and he even had his own floatie!

Chase was our only reddish color Golden Retriever for 15 years. He was a special boy whose heart we mended and who will forever be in our hearts.

Shasta, Cody and Chase



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