Bear Alford’s Success Story

Bear Alford’s Success Story

Hello!  My name used to be Bear and I am one of the pups of the famous GRRMF Sweet Six, who had become homeless when our owner passed away and we had nowhere to go and no one who wanted us.

My mommy renamed me Care Bear because she says I’m a sweet and gentle love muffin. I love to lay down with her and cuddle because she makes me feel so wanted. She says that I make her heart melt but little does she know she does exactly the same thing for me. We are perfect together!

I may walk a little funny because I had a puppyhood spinal injury that left me with nerve damage. But it doesn’t matter, because you see, I can do everything that everybody else does here in our home. Did I mention that I have several canine brothers and sisters?  Plus my mommy will often foster a GRRMF dog on their way to their forever place. It’s so fun because I get to meet so many new doggies and I always reassure them that their forever home is coming and they will be happy, just like me. I have met cream ones, red ones, tall ones and chubby ones and that’s just in my first year here. Every day is a blast and brings new joy!  I have a ball with all of them.

My favorite thing to do is car rides and that’s because we go to so many exciting places Sometimes it’s for my swimming therapy, or to hang out by the pool, or even go to the store. Really just about anywhere my mommy goes.  If she has those car keys in her hands, I grab my leash and I am ready to roll!  Our car is not really big, but guess what, we all pile in together and off we go on our joy ride.  That’s because we all ‘fit’ together in this family and we are perfectly matched together! (Bear Alford is the boy laying down with his siblings)

When the excitement for the day winds down, I love to snooze on the couch and let my head just hang over the edge – it is just heavenly. You can be sure that I am dreaming about my next adventure and how good it feels to belong with a ‘Mom Who Cares for a Bear’ like me!


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