Mandy Donna’s Success Story

Mandy Donna’s Success Story

Still grieving the loss of their previous golden, Mandy’s new family thought they would never recover. But when they adopted her in January 2021, she promptly proved them wrong.

She not only filled the huge void left in their hearts, but she also filled their hearts to overflowing with her unconditional love and unparalleled loyalty. As with most of the family’s previous dogs, they didn’t have a great deal of background information on Mandy other than she had a history of seizures and required thyroid medication. They were able to slowly wean her off the phenobarbital, thankfully, with no further seizure activity, and after multiple blood tests, her thyroid meds were cut in half.

Renowned for being the ultimate love bug and couch diva, she sleeps with her parents every night, and will actually start nudging them around 10:30 to let them know that it’s time for bed! She’s also extremely intelligent, knows all of the commands, and takes particular pleasure in chasing anything that moves, including lizards, rabbits and squirrels. Notorious for loving food almost as much as affection – and unfortunately it shows – Mandy and her parents are currently trying out the green bean diet for dogs.

After she received her CGC certificate and became a Hearts of Gold therapy dog in April, Mandy and her mom began visiting several assisted living centers in the North Central division.

As far as her adoring family is concerned, they owe her a huge debt of gratitude simply for loving them and look forward to many more happy years with Mandy and her amazing personality.


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