Legacy Dog – Ginger’s Success Story

Legacy Dog – Ginger’s Success Story

From 2007

“We drove from Dunedin to Green Cove Springs to meet Ginger on January 21, 2007”, explains Priscilla, “and to hopefully bring her home with us. She was 6 years old at the time and it was love at first sight for my husband, our two children and me!  “Ginger’s foster mom, Kim, was sweet and kind and extremely knowledgeable.

“The drive back with Ginger – who, from then on, LOVED taking car rides — and to her new life with us was, quite simply, a wonderful one.

Blessed with the sweetest and gentlest of natures, she loved our family as much as we loved her. She also loved going to the park. But, unlike most Goldens, she didn’t love going into the pool.

“Our cherished Ginger passed at the age of 12 in 2013 after sharing six glorious years with us, and we still miss her dearly.

“Following Ginger’s death, we waited awhile before adopting Henry, a funny old Basset Hound. Then, when my father could no longer care for Baby, his rescued black and tan Coonhound, we took her in. “After suffering three doggy deaths in too short a time, we gave our broken hearts a rest. And although we loved all of ours dogs, there was something about Ginger that made her so special.

“It’s been a while now and we’re considering the prospect of adopting again – perhaps a bonded pair this time. Perhaps the 30th anniversary of GRRMF is just the incentive we need!”


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