Isabella’s Success Story

Isabella’s Success Story

When Vicky picked up Isabella (now Bella) from her foster home, she was surprised at how big Bella was. While Bella’s new family had seen pictures, they were still taken aback by her Golden-Doodle size. However, one look into those “hopeful big brown eyes sealed the deal.” Along for adoption day was Bella’s new dog sister, who turned out to be a little more of an excited car rider than Bella, who was calm and settled right in for the 1 and ½ hour ride to her new forever home. In fact, Bella has since been on a vacation trip to Anna Maria since she is such a good traveler.  

Once at home, Bella was introduced to her new cat siblings and quickly learned that these furry animals were not play toys who wanted to be chased around the house. Getting swatted in the nose a few times did the trick, so now the cats are (mostly) rubbing alongside Bella as they pass by her on their daily journeys around the house. Bella and her dog sister also took some time to get to know each other by deciding just who would be the “top dog” in wrestling matches. Additionally, Bella’s sister taught Bella to play tug by repeatedly dropping the rope on Bella’s head until she eventually figured out that new game.

Besides loving tummy rubs, constant playing, and long walks, Bella enjoys spending each day with Vicky, who works from home. When Vicky takes a break and puts on her sneakers, Bella is grabbing her leash to head out on a walk. A dog trainer has helped Bella walk nicely on her leash, but she still has some trouble when encountering other dogs. She is making progress, though, and is working diligently on sitting calmly when small dogs are incessantly barking at her. As Vicky says, “The work continues!” Perhaps Bella’s worse vice is counter surfing, so after having to get her stomach pumped after eating things she should not have, Vicky now keeps the counters free of temptations.

When visitors come for dinner, they will have to share the table with Bella, who evidently does not realize just how big she is. She will climb up into the dining room chair or any other chair, no matter how small. When people do visit her, however, they cannot help but rub her soft teddy bear fur, and Bella is just fine with that.


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