Terri’s Success Story

Terri’s Success Story

After not having a dog for a couple of years, Bailey’s new family knew it was time to become the loving family for another fur baby.  They fell in love with Terri Jessey, now Bailey, after seeing her picture and reading her story.  On the other paw, Bailey fell in love with them the minute they knocked on her foster parents’ door.  After greeting them at the door, she stayed by their side the entire time.  Not much has changed as she still loves being with her new family members all the time. According to her mom, if they forget to pet her, “she will nudge your hand really hard with her snout to let you know you aren’t done yet.”

Bailey and her forever family enjoy being together especially in the outdoors.  Early morning finds her with her mom sitting on the patio watching the sun rise.  They enjoy walking in the neighborhood where Bailey greets all of her new friends both two legged and four.  They also enjoy walks in the woods where Bailey gets very excited when she sees squirrels and bunnies, which Mom finds very cute.  Bailey is not quite sure what to make of the deer yet. In fact, one day on a drive to the park, Mom pulled the car over to watch a herd of deer.  She rolled the window down to see better.  Bailey was curious but calm until she wasn’t.  She tried to jump out the window.  Fortunately, it was only down a little so everyone was safe.

Not much for playing fetch (she doesn’t quite understand the concept of giving the ball back), Bailey does have some favorite toys.  Greeny, Wubby and Lambchop are three stuffed animal squeaky toys she absolutely loves.  “She likes making the toys squeak but is good at not completely tearing the toys to shreds like some dogs do.”

Bailey’s new life has also been good for her health.  Being a little overweight when she first went into foster care, she is now a trim 73 pounds.  The right combination of food, exercise, and of course, love, has made for a very healthy and happy golden, and in return Bailey has made her foster family very happy to have her to share their life with.


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