Goldie Scarlett’s Success Story

Goldie Scarlett’s Success Story

“Never having a dog before as a couple, we were excited and knew this was the start of an amazing life for us,” reports Cathy and David.  “Goldie Scarlett, now called Gracie, has made an impact on our lives by getting us to enjoy the outdoors, dog parks, GRRMF reunions and trips to Fort DeSoto in St. Petersburg to teach her to swim.  Gracie doesn’t really interact with her feline siblings, but we think they see her as “Big” mom.

We love it when Gracie suddenly rolls over on her back with her legs wide open for belly rubs and has a big smile on her face.  At the end of the day when we return home from work, she “talks” to us, moaning and making sounds, telling us all about her day.  Gracie is a very gentle dog who loves to be cuddled and considers herself a lap dog.  Out of all the toys she has, her favorite is her large pillow which is the shape and picture of a golden retriever’s head.

Our sweet child has completed Adult Level 1 training and is currently awaiting final approval and certification to become a “volunteer” with Vitas to visit hospice facilities. Gracie has truly made a impact on our lives and we can’t begin to even describe how much love we have for her.

Everyone tells us that we lucked out with such a sweet dog, but honestly, we are the lucky ones!

Thank you GRRMF!”


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