Lincoln’s Success Story

Lincoln’s Success Story

“Lincoln has made our family complete from Day 1,” reports Meg.  He’s a mama’s boy who follows her everywhere, lays at her feet and wants nothing more than to protect her.  According to Meg, “he could really get used to me working from home everyday!   Ken has had Scottish Terriers all his life and our boy has made him realize that others breeds can be just as warm and loving.” Lincoln loves attention and will nudge you with his head for petting or take his paw and lay it on your hand during belly rubs so you don’t stop. He is such a calming presence on his family, even for his puggle fur sibling Belle.

Being left behind by his parents on date night makes for an unhappy boy and Lincoln has a habit of getting into trouble during their absence.  He has been known to attack a new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom or rip apart the latest Amazon box waiting to go out to the recycle bin. “Lincoln managed to get the lid off the garbage can in the kitchen once, which caused us to become very concerned that he could get into something dangerous,” recalls Meg.  “We installed a puppy camera to check on our boy from time to time.  As we were driving away one day, Ken and I watched him scout the counters for something interesting to get into. When he located his target, a roll of packing tape pushed all the way to the back of the counter, Lincoln proceeded to climb a bench so he could reach it.  I told him to GET DOWN through the camera and he immediately went and laid down by the closed bedroom door thinking I was inside the room!”

Lincoln loves going on walks in the neighborhood, but hold tight if he spots one of the peacocks…game on!  The whole family attended the GRRMF west coast reunion in Pinellas Park. Lincoln was rather unimpressed with all the running around since he isn’t particularly excitable, but his forever mom and dad loved seeing all the happy tail wags and getting the opportunity to show off their gorgeous boy.  “We are still working closely with our Vet to solve his chronic ear infections and hot spots,” reports Mom.  “When a 105 pound dog shakes his ears and is uncomfortable, everyone in the home knows it!”

“Lincoln will position himself on the floor between you and the object of your attention,” reports Meg.  “He will plop himself in front of the refrigerator when you’re trying to put away groceries or if you’re unloading the dishwasher, he lays between the dishwasher and the kitchen cabinets.”  It’s this behavior that has lovingly earned him the nickname “Speedbump.”

PS – His foster mom considered being a foster fail when she had Lincoln. They, too, had a very strong connection. When we went to leave after adopting him, she said “I’d better walk out with you or Lincoln won’t go.”  Much to everyone’s surprise he felt so close to his new forever mom he was already outside and in her car! Lincoln was perfect from the day we picked him up!




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