Lily Agnes’s Success Story

Lily Agnes’s Success Story

Lily came to GRRMF because her family could not cope with her allergies.  Now adopted, Lily enjoys her “special skin bath” with Mom and the trips to the vet for check ups becomes Lily’s own meet and greet reception area!

Lily joined a family with Gracie a goldendoodle and shortly afterwards a 3 legged kitten joined the family.  Lily watches in amusement as the kitten rolls around in her tail feathers. ” She definitely takes second fiddle to Gracie – and you can watch Lily take cues from Gracie and basically follow her lead”, says mom Christine.  “And she adores our children – follows us into their bedrooms at night to tuck them in…but always makes her way to our room for bed!  She’s generally very gentle with the children and loves for them to hug all over her.  I will also often find my 5 year old son curled up with Lily – with his head laying on her.  So sweet!”

She gets super excited and runs up to her family every day when they get home…says mom, “you can  almost see a smile on her face when she recognizes us! “

Not about to miss a car ride, Lily will sit by the garage door when it’s time to take or pick up the kids.  Lily is enjoying all her toys and constantly amuses the family by “digging” in her toy box to pull out an assortment of stuffed animals, balls and anything she can entice her sister to play tug of war with her.

Lily loves being out in the yard and will sit and just have the breeze blow in her face, if not in the yard, she can be found on the boat.  She loves sitting right up front as if she is the captain!

“It was definitely a change going from one to two dogs…but Lily is a go with the flow dog and doesn’t cause issues with the other pets.  She basically watches everyone else and figures out the routine.  It’s really taken her this long (1.5 years) to fully adjust, but I think she’s found her place,” says Christine.


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