Oatmeal’s Success Story

Oatmeal’s Success Story

Oatmeal came to GRRMF when his owner could no longer care for him.  Heather, a teacher admitted she scrolled past him on the Available Golden web page after seeing the word “energetic”.  “As a teacher, I know a euphemism when I see one, and I just assumed that we would not be able to handle the high spirits and natural enthusiasm that come with a two year-old golden. My husband, usually a very practical, level-headed guy, suddenly transformed into a small child begging for a toy” said Heather.  “We figured that a meet & great would be the correct thing to do, after all, they could always say no thank you”.  It only took a couple of minutes before Oatmeal had won them over!  It was important that Oatmeal got along with the foster’s older dogs and of course his big, soft brown eyes didn’t hurt either.

Oatmeal is now called Logan and gets along beautifully with our older dogs, Zoe and Darby. Most importantly, he is truly a family dog and enjoys spending time with each of us, whether curled up on the couch watching tv or chasing a ball at the dog park. In addition, Logan’s sweet, laid back personality is one of the main reasons we are able to foster puppies for our local shelter.  He is fascinated by these tiny friends who come to stay with his family and does a great job playing gently with them.

“Logan is a sweet, silly goofball”, continues Heather, “he loves nothing more than a game of tug or to settle down with a chew toy at my feet while I grade papers”. One of the family’s favorite stunt that Logan does is when he sees someone lying on the couch, he leaps up and stretches out vertically right alongside like a four-legged body pillow!  Also Logan is eager to please and learned all his basic commands very quickly.

“Says mom Heather,  “Logan reminded us not to make an assumption about someone or something without taking the time to get to know that individual. Had we not taken a chance and driven to Clearwater to meet Logan in person, our family would have been a puzzle with a missing piece. Most importantly, he has given our daughter a companion to grow with.  Logan’s youthful energy and endearing enthusiasm have added a great deal of happiness to our family”.


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