Blondie Sallie’s Success Story

Blondie Sallie’s Success Story

According to the old adage “blondes have more fun,” beautiful Blondie the golden is four-legged proof of that legendary slogan.

Adopted by her doting dad, a single, retired senior, she’s not only doing well, she’s very healthy, and has proven to be the most loving of doggy companions, making his house a true home and happily filling it with F-U-N. Preferring to play – almost every day – off leash at the dog park than engaging with other dogs on the walks she enjoys, she’s the undisputed queen of all she surveys, making countless new friends wherever she puts her pretty paws.

At home, Blondie’s favorite toy is a rope tug toy, which she and her dad play with together, to their endless and mutual amusement, every day. And although he’s attempted to get her to retrieve a ball, the most this pair has managed so far has been one, occasionally, two tosses – with no returns.

Cautious around her dad’s house guests until they’re been with them for a day or two, she’s particular about the people she loves on, but when she does, she puts her whole heart into her overt displays of affection. Crated to keep her both safe and calm when contractors are working inside the house, Blondie hasn’t yet taken any trips with her dad. He’s either boarded her at the best facility paws-ible or used in-home sitters when he’s travelled, and that’s served them both wonderfully well.


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