Sasha Jessy’s Success Story

Sasha Jessy’s Success Story

Hello!  I am Sasha and I am three years old. One year ago, I was surrendered to GMRRF and that’s when my new wonderful life began!

GRRMF got me the extensive medical help that I needed. My foster mom, really knew how to make a girl feel loved and safe.  I had three foster siblings, which was reassuring because I really really really love other dogs. It was a little difficult to be quiet and low key during my heartworm treatments but I seemed to understand it was important, so I was a good girl.

My forever parents love me unconditionally which is a good thing, because it turns out that I know how to open doors and do so on a regular basis.  They take me to the dog park where I love to get dirty. First, I splash in any water I can find, then I look for a spot of dirt and roll. Everyone at the dog park laughs because rather than an “English Cream,” I am often introduced as a “Taupe Retriever.” When we get home, I run and jump directly into my wading pool to clean up. I taught myself that trick with no prodding, so that I could be soft and white again.

Every morning I put my front paws on my mommy’s side of the bed and lay my head on her tummy to remind her about feeding me on time. I love food so much that I often ask to go out to potty in the back yard, when what I’m really up to is snacking on a fallen mango or two. The food at my new digs is primo!  I’ve gained 15 pounds and I feel strong and healthy.

I almost forgot to tell you that I have a 16 year old sister Golden Retriever that accepted me enthusiastically. Her name is Tannah and she watches with a smile when I play bow and jump all around her. After I joined the family, she stopped sleeping all the time and now we follow our people around the house together.  They especially like it when we escort them into the bathroom and make sure they aren’t all alone in there. They also appreciate when we are together under their feet in the kitchen during food prep time. Team work!

I just want to say how grateful I am for the kind folks at GRRMF.  There were so many people ready to help me – from the time I was surrendered!  From the transport team and the veterinarian staff, to my foster family and all the coordinators and folks in the background, that make these adoptions happen in an organized successful fashion. Special thanks to the donors that paid for my expensive heartworm, hookworm, ear infections, cataract, and post-natal medical care.  I was a sad, sick doggie and now I have the best life ever!


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