Amy Nellie’s Success Story

Amy Nellie’s Success Story

What could paws-ibly be better than one golden? Two! And so, when this lucky family added Amy to their lives, their world was twice as bright, twice as golden.

“We’ve had the best time and experience with Amy,” admits Jason, “and we’re so happy we chose each other. Being as friendly and lovable as she is, we knew she’d adapt quickly to living with us, and she proved it that first day on the ride home. Usually Lua, our other golden gets car sick, but Amy’s presence made her feel less anxious and much safer.”

Having been surrendered by a family that lacked the time to care for her, Amy was soon surrounded by one that adored and doted on her, while she changed their entire family dynamic for the better. From the start, she filled their days with an enviable energy, running here, there and everywhere, while greeting every person and animal she met with unbridled enthusiasm and openhearted affection.

One glance in her direction sets her tail wagging, prompting her to grab a toy and come over to her parents to lavish them with attention. To say that she LOVES being around them is an understatement. Whether they’re working, cooking or watching a movie, she eagerly provides them with hours of cuddles in exchange for endless belly scratches, coat brushings and praise.

She’s always attentive to her big sister Lua and is extremely gentle and caring with other, smaller dogs, particularly her Pomeranian friend who often visits the house. Not to mention being madly in love with Alfred, the cat, chasing after him to play while he reciprocates by chasing after her.

“Amy also adores toys,” Jason says. “We’ve never met a dog with such a fondness for toys. If we had to pick a favorite, it would be her stuffed birthday cake. She sleeps with it almost every night and always wakes us up in the morning with it in her mouth.”

And she loves exercise. “We ourselves are more active now. We take longer walks. We play in the backyard more, often running and throwing the ball to her and Lua. It takes quite a while to tire active Amy out.”

One of her quirkier rituals is flailing around on her bed after dinner. Then, like clockwork, within 30 minutes, she has what her family calls, “Amy’s zoomies” — spurts of sudden energy that have her racing through the house, leaping onto couches and beds, circling the kitchen island, and streaking outside to the backyard.

An excellent listener, she’s generally quiet, well behaved, and has easily learned her commands, including ringing the bell whenever she needs to go out. An excellent passenger in the car, the moment Jason opens the door, she jumps inside and waits to be buckled in. Then she rests her head against the window and enjoys the ride.

Over Father’s Day weekend, the family drove to Tampa to visit Jason’s family. As soon as Amy met her cousins, Koda, another Golden Retriever and Bo, a Basset hound mix, they promptly played fetch in the backyard and chased all of the birds and lizards away from the house.

Could there be a better beginning to the rest of one amazing dog’s life than this?


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