Bubba Jon’s Success Story

Bubba Jon’s Success Story

Bubba is the ultimate golden gift that keeps on giving – blissfully and joyfully giving!

Not only was there no period of adjustment for Bubba when he was first adopted, he fit into his new life, new home and new family with the greatest of ease. As lovable as he is loving, he LOVES everyone he meets and has reserved a special place in his heart for his parents’ grandchildren. 

Famous for always flashing his parents his wide, sweet Bubba smile, one of his favorite activities is going to the dog park in their community. And one of his most endearing and unusual traits is the way he does the “Bubba hop” whenever they pick up his leash because he knows that means he’s going out! 

Always agreeable to anything his parents want to do, Bubba has a special fondness for car rides. An excellent passenger in the car, he spends half of the year with them in Florida and the other half in New York. And although he’s never seen snow, his mom is convinced that he would love it the way he loves everything else. 

Now, at the age of 15, Bubba might require help getting in and out of the car, but that hasn’t stifled his spirit or dampened his enthusiasm for life and all of the adventures still awaiting him. And he still has that special gift of knowing when a car ride is imminent: the sight of his mom picking up her purse!


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