Koda’s Success Story

Koda’s Success Story

Koda Mia Adoption

Not being strangers to adopting from GRRMF, Pat and Steve knew to come to GRRMF when it was time to adopt their second golden, a girl by the name of Koda (now known as Kellie).  Finn, their first GRRMF rescue, Torie, their white Maltese, two cats and a bird round out their household.

Kellie was surrendered to GRRMF when her family could no longer care for her. Since Kellie was heartworm positive, she had at minimum a four month treatment plan in a loving foster home until she would be available to be adopted.  Once GRRMF matched Kellie to Pat and Steve, they were able to meet her. “The first time I saw Kellie’s picture, it was love at first sight” said Pat. Due to the length of her treatment, they were able to visit her so she would be comfortable and familiar with them once it was time to complete the adoption.

“From the minute she came in the house, she immediately bonded with Finn and Torie.  Torie takes turns snuggling and sleeping with Finn and Kellie. Sometimes all three of them are curled up together. They just all really enjoy each other’s company”.  Kellie loves her stuffed animals and her peanut butter filled bones. When she really likes something, she will take to her crate to let others know that it belongs to her”.  Steve laughed and added, “That’s fine, as long as she’s in there with it.  Once she leaves, the others are not beyond taking it for themselves.”

Due to Kellie’s heartworm treatment, she hasn’t fully experienced all the full out fun a golden with siblings can have; playing and swimming. “I’m pretty sure she’s going to enjoy them all. She’s very willing to try new things and wants to do everything that we and her siblings do” said Pat.

“We couldn’t be any happier with our two GRRMF rescues. They really complete our family and we’re looking forward to spending the holidays with our wonderful goldens”.

We checked in on Pat and Steve for our May 2017 Newsletter and found that all is well.  Says Pat, “She is the gentlest dog I have ever had and never bites down hard on anything.  On three different occasions, she has taken it upon herself to rescue baby owls from our pool area”.  Kellie has the right temperament and Pat is considering starting therapy dog training with her.



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