Hunter Abhi’s Success Story

Hunter Abhi’s Success Story

Hunter Abhi came to GRRMF when his owner could not handle a puppy. “Something very important was missing in our lives and we were delighted to be given the opportunity to foster and adopt Hunter, our second rescue from GRRMF,” reports Kathy and Bill. “Although a bit groggy from his surgery when we picked him up at the vet’s office, Hunter met us with happy tail wags! A typical toddler at 18 months of age, he was rambunctious and we enrolled him in obedience classes to help channel his energies. Hunter is a Velcro boy who loves to lie on your feet, rest his head on your lap and he knows how to tell time. At 10:30 each morning, he reminds us it’s time for his dental treat by sitting in front of the treat cabinet and when 2 PM rolls around he is looking for his carrots.

Hunter has a basket full of toys which he empties on a daily basis and especially likes playing with the squeaky ones. He enjoys leisurely walks in the park and can become quite nosey when he encounters something new but most of all Hunter LOVES splashing in the pool. He does not like thunder and was not a happy camper over the July 4th holiday, but Compose from the vet was a big help. We have learned that Hunter has a unique talent – he can open a door that has a handle with his nose. All our house guests are warned to lock the bathroom door or they will find Hunter in the bathroom with them, usually lying in the bathtub.

When Hunter first arrived, he had been shaved by his owner. Today our handsome boy has a beautiful coat which gets brushed every day, his ears are cleaned weekly and he gets his nails clipped when needed. We’re so happy to give Hunter a loving forever home – he’s our joy!”


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