Annie-Lou Agnes’s Success Story

Annie-Lou Agnes’s Success Story

“Annie came to me as a foster, but that lasted all of 5 minutes. I knew she was a perfect fit for our little family.” Maria Hernandez describes her first meeting with Annie as “very happy.”  Annie was “friendly and hit it off immediately with my other dogs.”

Maria still cannot believe she got so lucky with Annie: “Annie loves people, and everyone falls in love with her within minutes.” Annie and Maria frequent dog-friendly establishments and like to visit places with plenty of people: “We visit my parents, walk along the riverside, and go to the farmer’s market.”

When Annie needs to go outside, she will “bark softly” to wake Maria, and will steadily, but patiently, increase the volume until Maria gets up to let her out. Maria says, “I think it’s amazing she’s being so considerate and patient with me. If only I could get humans to do the same.”


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