Legacy Dog – Hayden’s Success Story

Legacy Dog – Hayden’s Success Story

From 2006

Hayden Fox originally known as Zechariah found himself in GRRMF because his owner had developed such difficult arthritis that she could no longer walk him and give him the exercise he needed. She knew at four years old that he needed more than she could give him and she wanted him to be happy. When Hayden first arrived he lumbered right in and just sat right down as if he owned the place.

He had many claims to fame but perhaps the most fun experience was when he modeled a T-shirt for a soda company along with the soda which it was named ‘Chill’ – a perfect description of our boy. We were stunned when we were told that he won but Hayden knew it all along.  He went on to be published in several company and customer newspapers and many asked us if we were going to rename him Chill. By then he was eight years old and was pretty settled into his name of Hayden Fox, from only four years ago.

He was a loyal handsome character and always seemed to be very wise for a dog. He rarely got into trouble and he often watched the antics of his fosters who came and went. He merely gave them a look and a wink as if to say “Do your thing and I’ll do mine”!  We are certain we saw him rolling his knowing eyes at them on more than one occasion.

We’d like to believe he did have the life that his original owner hoped for and  we are hopeful that he found life with his two other cream GRRMF bro’s to be nothing short of a blast!




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