Molly Nana’s success Story

Molly Nana’s success Story

Mali (formerly Molly) makes her fur-ever home echo with merriment, simply by being Mali. Both excited and nervous on adoption day, her parents couldn’t wait to add a new pup to their family, especially since that meant a sister for their timid dog Kona. They needn’t have worried. It was a perfect fit from the start.

Thanks to Mali’s confidence and adventurousness, Kona is a changed dog, fearless and friendly, while her family has benefited from her energy by taking longer and longer walks, not only meeting more neighbors but finding new playmates for Mali and Kona. The most loyal of dogs, Mali fully trusts her parents, always “checking in” with them when she’s playing in a group, and being as affectionate as she is, she LOVES staying close to them, snuggling with them, touching them and resting her head on their laps.

Then there are her amusing antics. Examples: If Mali is extremely tired, she’ll make the most endearing grunting noises when she lies down, stretches, and repositions herself. And should she happen to spot a lizard, she’ll POUNCE into the ferns, with all four of her long legs at least a foot off the ground, making her look more like a rabbit than a dog.

She also loves sunbathing, taking rides in the car, playing with Kona and hunting squirrels (and, of course, those lizards) together. A great fan of camping and spending time at a lake house owned by her family’s friends, Mali is always eager to renew old canine acquaintances and observe the different animals that nature obligingly displays.

Despite receiving monthly heartworm medication, Mali was diagnosed with heartworm disease in November 2021, catching everyone off guard. The family followed their vet’s recommendation and chose the “quick kill” treatment option of injections. She had the first one at the beginning of December 2021, the second one at the beginning of January 2022, and was given the “all clear” at the beginning of February 2022. Remaining quiet during her two-month treatment was difficult for such an energetic dog, but Mali was an excellent patient and is both healthy and happy again.


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