Tesla Jaspar’s Success Story

Tesla Jaspar’s Success Story

The adoption of Tesla Jaspar in August of 2017 was a special time for Jan.  Since Jan was adopted also, she has a first-hand understanding of just how important adoption can be, whether for humans or animals.  Tesla arrived in Jan’s home and met his lab-mix sister, Cocoa, who was also adopted.  Jan fell immediately in love with Tesla, and he has made himself right at home.  Tesla attended a GRRMF rescue event (Bulk Nation Fundraiser) shortly after adoption, and Tesla was a wonderful ambassador.  In fact, everyone wanted to take him home, but they received an emphatic “no” from Jan.

Tesla is a sweet, velcro dog who follows Jan everywhere.  He enjoys long walks with Dad, especially at nearby Lake Underhill Park where other park patrons know him by name.  In addition to walks, Tesla’s favorite activity is playing with Cocoa, who is extremely active; Jan has noticed that Tesla seems to calm Cocoa.  Tesla has successfully completed two training classes and has also taken his Good Citizen test; however, he just would not leave Dad’s side for the “Down; Stay” command.  Tesla is often a bit silly; he tried to climb into Jan’s yard fountain one time, but quickly realized he is much too big.  Tesla loves going to doggie daycare when he has the chance and is in stellar health.  Jan says that Tesla has brought her wonderful luck and has truly completed her family.


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