Ellie Fay’s Success Story

Ellie Fay’s Success Story

Ellie Fay now known as Ella is ebullient and effervescent, she enlivens her family with her endearing ways while they are equally enamored of her.

Sliding smoothly into their lives, she swiftly made her golden brother Sonny her best friend and still delights in planting sweet kisses on his nose. She especially enjoys playing tug-o-war with him and likes nothing more than climbing on him – despite his being much taller – by placing her front feet on his back, then walking on her hind legs as he attempts to flee, leading, of course, to high-energy high jinks all around! 

Silly and saucy with just the right touch of spice, Ella never tires of playing the clown, keeping everyone in stitches and on their toes. Known for hopping straight up in the air at breakfast time and running zoomies round the living room while “singing,” she loves puzzle toys that have shin bones with a jerky treat inside and is never shy about entering her mom’s home office to remind her that it’s treat time. She barks unabashedly if she craves attention and to inform her family that the Chewy box has arrived at the front door and has the quirky habit of digging up and compressing the sheet on her plush dog bed into a tiny ball, then walking away. 

Confident and secure in her surroundings, and happiest in the company of her family, Ella adores spending time with them, whether it’s in the backyard, boiling shrimp in the kitchen or going for walks. Initially hesitant about swimming in their inground pool, she quickly learned it wasn’t quite so intimidating, and soon proved herself to be a natural born swimmer. She particularly likes swimming alongside her parents, sitting in the swim out, enjoying the bubbly water jets, and is paws-itively smitten with beaches — from St. Augustine to Cocoa Beach to the Florida Keys.


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