Aurora Jani’s Success Story

Aurora Jani’s Success Story

Little did Michelle and Tom know that when they adopted Katie, they would soon have their own, personal alarm clock each morning! She revels in waking everyone up with a toy in her mouth, making noise. And, as the family’s designated morning miss, she loves getting outside – the earlier the better – to chase lizards and squirrels.

Like all Goldens, sweet, sociable Katie thrives on attention, and the entire family including the children, who absolutely adore her, never tire of lavishing it on her. Not only that, but they insist she sleep with them too. As active as she is affectionate, Katie loves taking the family for walks, playing with her stuffed animals and engaging in robust games of tug-a-war.

“I couldn’t have picked a better dog for us,” Michelle admits, “although when we first brought her home, she wouldn’t go on walks. She would stand there shaking and refuse to move. When treats, patience and time failed to work, a dog trainer came over and gave us some tips. After she left, we managed to walk Katie a few houses down from ours. The following night, we passed several more houses until, before we knew it, we were taking a mile-long walk! Now it’s her favorite nighttime activity, and she signals her eagerness to leave by resting her head on my lap.”

Always a good sport and always up for adventure, Katie allows her human sister, Ava, to occasionally dress her up. She also enjoys running “hot laps” through the house and chasing the children, which they enjoy even more. If ever a dog fit the description “people pleasing pet,” it’s Katie, who’s rarely home alone, and is living the most Golden of lives by loving wholeheartedly and being loved just as much in return.


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