Max Jag’s Success Story

Max Jag’s Success Story

“Max has eyes that melt my heart'” reports Patricia. “He hops on the ottoman as soon as I get home and waits for me to come over and squat down so he can place both paws on my shoulders and give me a big hug and kiss!

We’ve had a house full of GRRMF dogs over the years and our current girl, Lucie, loves her new brother. Swimming is their favorite activity – Lucie loves diving into the pool to retrieve tennis balls, but Max is a nonstop lap swimmer who requires timeouts for resting.

He enjoys his nylabones and extracting squeakers from his toys. Max is a big lizard hunter, enjoying the chase but hasn’t actually caught one. He will bypass 7 lizards just chilling on the pool deck and try catching the one that’s hiding and ready to run!”


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