Holly Jilly’s Success Story

Holly Jilly’s Success Story

“We are an animal loving family and when Holly joined us it was as if she had been with us her whole life!” reports Julie and Jeff.  Holly shares her home with two cows, another GRRMF alum Henry adopted about 10 years ago, a very spirited Springer Spaniel called Winston, and 4 grandchildren who visit frequently.  Holly believes her job is keeping the many, many squirrels away from her loved ones and chases them daily.

Holly loves to cuddle, play with toys, and be with people. According to Mom, “Holly sleeps on any piece of furniture that she can squeeze into, until she gets caught.  Holly is in perfect health, despite snatching and eating paper whenever she can, and is truly the happiest and most loving pup we have ever had. Her favorite place is with me in my studio while I paint…which is why Holly tends to have spatters of paint on her that she wears proudly!  Jeff and I truly love Holly and appreciate the good care she received from GRRMF before she found her forever home!”


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