Sophie Donna’s Success Story

Sophie Donna’s Success Story

From foster to forever, sweet, and sociable Sophie makes her happy home shine! Although her family was already on the adoption wait list at GRRMF, no sooner had her mom met her than she fell in love with her, knowing Sophie was the one meant to be a permanent member of their doggy pack of five.

Although she has several nicknames, her mom’s favorite is Tophie Toph, and as Tophie Toph, this fabulous foster fail is a four-legged ball of energy that thrives on activity. She LOVES playing with her many toys, particularly soft stuffies, and running in large, open fields with her five furry siblings, wrestling with them and sharing her bones and toys with them. (Sharing means that Sophie takes the toy, places it in one of her sibling’s mouths and then plays tug-o-war). She also loves walking in the woods and playing at the dog park, attending doggy daycare, jumping into pools, and getting wet and dirty.

Both affectionate and amusing, she’s extremely gentle and calm when she wants to snuggle and kiss and is famous for the silly way she sleeps – on her back with her head in one direction and her legs in another. She especially enjoys going on car rides regardless of the destination, provided she can sit, comfy cozy, beside her mom. Both a dedicated “guard dog” watching over “her” yard and alerting the family to anything amiss, she’s also a dedicated sister to the other GRRMF dogs her family occasionally fosters.

A true golden, highly intelligent, eager to please and easy to teach, she loves helping her mom bring in groceries, even trying to “carry” the heavy bags by dragging them from the garage into the kitchen! The one lesson she can’t – or won’t – learn is to slow down on their walks.


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