Legacy Dog – Elsa’s Success Story

Legacy Dog – Elsa’s Success Story

From 1999

Thinking that Casey might like a canine companion, Jan agreed to foster a 10-year-old heart worm positive dog for GRRMF in December 1999.


“I brought Casey with me to the Seminole County Shelter to see if they would get along,” Jan says, “and when we first saw her, she was terrified and trembling, and being a stray, she had no name. On the drive home, she sat in the backseat of the car, still shaking like a leaf, and for some reason she reminded me of a small lion. At a stoplight, we pulled up behind a camper that said “Born Free” on the back and I turned to her and said, ‘I think I’ll call you Elsa.’

“She and Casey got along immediately and I ‘failed’ as a foster and made her adoption official in March 2000.


“One of my favorite memories of the two of them together was when I had surgery on both feet later that year. When I came home from the center, my toes were sticking out of their bandages and I was wearing those special ‘Frankenstein’ shoes. I went straight to bed and Elsa promptly jumped up and lay down at my feet.

“To my surprise and delight, she started licking my toes! She knew exactly where I’d been injured and remained with me for about two hours. No sooner had she jumped down than Casey got onto the bed and took her place.


“They were both doing their part in taking good care of mommy.”


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