Sawyer’s Success Story

Sawyer’s Success Story

Sawyer Max is the second golden to find his forever home with Vicki and Chris.  He fit right in from day one and quickly bonded with Bentley, their other golden.  Now the two of them love to wrestle together.  Besides being company for Bentley, the addition of Sawyer to the family has added health benefits as he makes sure they go for frequent walks. He wakes them up with “his unique moan in the morning which is better than an alarm clock.”

This moan, which he uses to get his food or a walk, ”sounds like a wookie from Star Wars,” according to his family.  He is quite the gentleman, though,  and waits until told to go through a doorway.  He thoroughly enjoys hunting for lizards rain or shine. In fact, one day he managed to bring two of them inside and let them loose in the house.  A gentle soul, he doesn’t want to harm anything.

Sawyer would like nothing better than to be a lap dog but he settles for lying on anyone’s feet.  He loves to go camping and is quite well behaved when he is leashed outside the camper.  “He even survived a heavy rainstorm and didn’t get spooked.”  He enjoys his chew bones and loves chasing tennis balls.  The neighbor’s dogs try to stir things up between the fence, but Sawyer remains calm and ignores them.

Sawyer hasn’t had any official training, but his family says he is quick to catch on.  He’s done well with the “leave it” command.  They put a treat on his nose and he won’t touch it until they say, “take it.”

Sawyer, Bentley and their forever family all seem to be doing quite well together.  Again, another perfect match through Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid Florida.



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