Sage Ann’s Success Story

Sage Ann’s Success Story

Only 6 months old when she was adopted, Sage’s parents delighted in her wide-eyed discovery of the world and marveled at how quickly she grew.

Already house hunting before her arrival, they were now motivated to find one with a fenced yard so that she could run and play. The first time they let her run in the new yard was, by all accounts, adorable as she ran round and round in circles for at least five minutes.

Always polite, Sage never begs for food and she can be trusted not to touch any food that may remain on the table. Especially enamored of window watching, she can easily spend hours gazing at the birds outside the window. Ever so cuddly, particularly when her mom puts a pillow on her lap while watching TV, Sage also likes when they watch Star Wars or Star Trek, standing excitedly near the TV whenever she hears the dramatic introductory music for both of them.

In the 1.5 years since her adoption, this intrepid explorer has shared many exhilarating adventures with her parents. She’s been to the beach in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, gone on a number of hiking trips in Virginia and visited Philadelphia several times to spend time with their family over the holidays. She also loves going for long walks, playing in the snow, playing tug of war, and engaging with other dogs, cats, and even guinea pigs.

Fond of rearranging items, she once got up in the middle of the night to drag a pillow from the living room couch into her parents’ bedroom. She also enjoys doing chores outside such as locating ancient tennis balls left by the previous owners under the deck and throughout the yard.

Having completed a two-week board and train last year where she learned many new skills, she works with her parents to reinforce these skills while being the featured star in her own instagram account called captain_pupcard!


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