Jack’s Success Story

Jack’s Success Story

This adorable little guy found himself in need of a good home when only twelve weeks old! He found the perfect fit with Karen, Jon and their 12-year old golden, Phoebe. Both humans and dogs were excited and anxious to meet each other, and all adjusted very quickly to their new family. Jack is an active and playful pup, and has brought tons of activity and fun to his new family. They enjoy daily walks together, and the neighbors look forward to Jack’s antics.

Being a puppy, Jack spends hours in play every day. He has a squeaky ball that he loves to run around with in the backyard. The more he zooms around the yard, the louder he squeaks the ball! Jack had some knee laxity at first, but has outgrown any issues. This silly boy also loves to chase his tail, to the point of getting dizzy. Jack enjoys the neighbor’s thick lawn, too, and will lie down and roll over on it whenever he has the chance.

Of course, Jack loves to play with his fur sister Phoebe. He always wants to be wherever she is, and doesn’t like to lose sight of Karen or Jon, either. Jack is definitely a velcro golden. He’s also a true retriever, bringing back sticks and chasing lizards and bugs. Clothes and shoes cannot be left on the floor when Jack’s around: he’s made the entire family a little tidier!

Jack watches television, especially if there’s a dog on the screen. He tracks birds and planes, and even spotted a bald eagle in the backyard. Karen and Jon were unaware of it a first, and Jack watched it for quite some time.

Jack has grown so much and learned a great deal since he was adopted. He completed puppy training and was “the best sitter ever.” He meets up with two of his puppy friends every Sunday for a walk and play time. This sweet boy has found a family to help him be his best, and they have his forever love and appreciation.


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