Theeson’s Success Story

Theeson’s Success Story


It is so heartwarming to see those rescues who have come through our Healing Hearts program because they needed critical care or medical intervention, watch them be courageous through the healing process, and then see their wonderful success story after adoption.  Theeson is one of those rescue miracles.  He came to us with broken bones after being pinned between his owner’s car wheel and the garage door.  Theeson spent critical ER time in our wonderful emergency vet to stabilize his multiple pelvic fractures prior to moving to a special foster home for months of special needs care.  Our village of volunteers provided many hours of transporting Theeson to medical appointments for vet examinations, x-rays and follow-up care to track his progress.   Being heartworm positive, he also needed four months of treatment with activity level restrictions that were closely monitored by his foster family.  

Generous donors helped offset his medical costs and our village of fosters and vets provided the extra care and special environment he needed to recover and be adopted by his forever family.  

Today, Theeson is giving back by helping his sibling earn a “Critter Care” scouting achievement. He is healthy, happy and loved by his forever family and his Boy Scout Bear Cub sibling, Chris!


Chris is a “Bear” in Cub Scouts but his foster sibling was a golden! Chris and his family fostered Theeson Alfie, our Healing Hearts golden that sustained multiple fractures when trapped between an auto and garage door and was heartworm positive. Chris took the responsibility of fostering a golden retriever for GRRMF very seriously and while doing so, Chris earned a “Critter Care” belt loop award in Cub Scouts.

To earn this achievement, Chris had to care for a pet for two weeks, research his pet, and list three interesting facts about the animal. He made a poster to share with his fellow scouts with photos and facts about his pet: “He likes to roll and snort” and “He loves food and walks.” (Certainly true of all the goldens we know!) Additional requirements were to train his pet to perform a trick or follow a simple command, research three ways that his pet can help people, and learn about rabies. Lastly, Chris had to visit with a local veterinarian and interview him about the education needed to pursue that career.

Chris completed all the requirements and proudly received the Critter Care belt loop at his Cub Scout Pack meeting. Theeson has become rather attached to Chris (and vice versa). We had a feeling that once Theeson had finished his medical care for the injuries that brought him into rescue he might be staying on as a permanent addition to the Starcher family.  Theeson was officially adopted by his compassionate foster family.  

Congratulations to Chris for his scouting accomplishment and to Theeson for finding his forever home.  



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