Minnie Marbel’s Success Story

Minnie Marbel’s Success Story

With endless amounts of pictures taken by her new family, it’s easy to see that Millie is secure and loved in her new home.  Millie’s new Mom was especially delighted to welcome another female to their home.  This exuberant, youthful, two and a half year old sweetheart has brought love and new excitement into her forever home.

Millie, who was surrendered due to aggression towards other dogs, has found love and trust with her seven year old golden brother, Oliver (also a GRRMF rescue).  Their bond is inseparable, they play, bark, sleep and go side by side to the dog parks together.  Mom says “they are absolutely two peas in a pod and Millie likes to run the pod”.  Millie has dispelled the rumor that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks by teaching Oliver to bark and howl when family members return home.

In addition to her extra curricular activities (playing with Oliver, jumping on her families laps, squirrel hunting and water sports) Millie has mastered her basic obedience skills and cowbell ringing to alert her family for the need for a potty break – or possibly a squirrel chase.

Millie is also a party girl, she loves greeting her boys when they come home from school and is especially delighted when they invite their friends over.  Being a typical golden, this means food, hugs and lots of fun!

Millie is a bundle of love and affection who enjoys walks, dog parks, car rides, playing ball and just being with her family at home or at her Grammy and Grandpa’s.  Her new mom puts it best by describing how these beautiful dogs have enhanced their lives; “We thank each and everyday we have Millie (and Oliver) in our lives. They make life golden and everything better!”



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