Blizzard Marsh’s Success Story

Blizzard Marsh’s Success Story

Contrary to his name, Blizzard promptly wrapped his adoptive family in a warm blanket of pure golden LOVE!

While his parents were both excited and nervous at the prospect of adopting such a large dog, their world began revolving around him almost immediately, so much so that his mom was soon referring to him as an angel. Kind, patient and caring towards his small Shih Tzu and Shorkie brothers, Blizzard always waits to be fed and petted in turn and never reacts when they go around him while he’s eating his own meal. Not only that, but, as their big brother, he tenderly looks after them whenever his parents leave the house to go grocery shopping (paws up for doggy cams).

Included on Blizzard’s list of loves are being in bed with the family to binge watch series on TV, playing with soft toys, playing, and running around with his Shorkie brother Chewy, going on walks, sleeping on the couch (his mom laughs at the silly way he sleeps) and eating. Bright as the proverbial button and always eager for affection, he learned from his dad how to give his paw. Now, whenever he wants his parents’ attention, he stops them with his paw.

Sadly, however, Blizzard becomes extremely anxious whenever he’s in the car and whenever the family visits other people’s homes. As soon as he sees the car door open, he freezes, and his parents must pick him up to get him into the car. Imagine if he could simply trot along beside it!


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