Clooney Owen’s Success Story

Clooney Owen’s Success Story

Cuddly English cream golden Clooney was so small when he was adopted at the age of eight weeks that his dad could almost hold him in one hand.

A “powder puff” percolating with spirit, he captivated his protective older brother Bo from the start, who took to him as if he were his very own baby. Joined at the hip, they were always together, and whenever easygoing brother Maxwell was fortunate enough to be included in their fun and frolics, they made the most perfect golden threesome.

Clooney is extremely clever, well-mannered and obedient, having learned his lessons well from Maxwell and Bo. And he’s not only highly and happily affectionate, he’s also an animated “conversationalist.” When his dad gets up every morning around 5AM, Clooney is usually up as well and ready to start his day. On the rare occasions that his parents choose to sleep in, he crawls up to them and begins his famous doggy banter. Should they choose not to engage with him, he simply turns up the volume!

An enthusiastic explorer, Clooney especially enjoys accompanying his dad on golf cart rides around their property and through their private neighborhood. He also enjoys playing with rope toys and engaging in games of tug-o-war with Maxwell every day (in the center of the room), but as soon as the weather gets warm enough, the family swimming pool swiftly becomes his new best friend.

Sadly though, he hasn’t yet taken any trips with his parents out of the area because he gets carsick. He’s also not a great fan of heights and has to work up the courage just to jump off the bed.

Now three years old and a healthy 85 pounds, Clooney owes his life to the fundraising efforts of GRRMF that enabled him to undergo expensive and delicate heart surgery. His adoring parents and extended family, both human and canine, can never thank GRRMF enough for all they did for him.


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