Comet Apollo’s Success Story

Comet Apollo’s Success Story

Streaking into his ecstatic family’s lives, Comet swiftly laid claim to their hearts and has ruled them ever since.

Having lost their cherished dog Buddy four years before, Comet filled a dog-shaped void, especially for his mom, and tenderly took charge of her daily routine. Known to do almost anything for food or a treat, he soon proved he was more than a “foodie” by showing how loyal and protective he truly is. 

Shortly after his adoption, his mom received her second COVID vaccine and was sick for three days. Comet wouldn’t leave her side. When his dad had a cold, Comet wouldn’t leave his side. And he is supremely smart, surprising his parents by not only understanding countless words but knowing how they are spelled. Example: he knows how to spell “cake”, sniffs out where it is, opens the oven door where the cake is hidden, cooled, and iced, and nonchalantly eats only the cake while leaving the icing behind. But that same brightness has made Comet a certified therapy dog.

Included on his list of loves are snuggling on the floor with his mom, riding in golf carts, going to the dog park, visiting with other pups at the mail station, and taking naps. Always active, always adventurous, he also loves when his family visits Atlanta to see their grandchildren, where he plays with their dog Bandit and sits in the backyard. Then, when they travel to Tampa, he romps around with Duke, a German shepherd.

Keeping everyone on their toes thanks to his legendary sweet tooth, Comet also keeps them laughing. When his mom made a six-layer rainbow cake for their grandson’s fourth birthday, Comet promptly took a large bite out of the orange layer. As the little boy cried, his dad told his mom to fill the hole with orange icing, which she did, and no one seemed to notice that the cake now had five layers and was missing the orange layer.


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