Joe Sonny’s Success Story

Joe Sonny’s Success Story

“Always smiling, always playful and always wanting to snuggle describes our boy Sonny” says Katie.  “His favorite activity is wrestling with his fur brother, Oakley, and we had to teach Sonny to eat all his food before being allowed to chase him. Doubling the number of dogs in the house was a big adjustment for us, especially when they are constantly playing with each other.  Plus there is less room on our bed!”  Sonny is a big time cuddlier and has to have a paw on Mom or Dad when resting on the couch during the day and is the first to bed at night.  His favorite toy is a stuffed “puffer” fish which needs weekly medical attention by Dad to sew up the holes.

A great traveler, Sonny learned to swim at Grandma and Grandpa’s lake house in Tennessee last summer and both fur boys were excited about visiting again at Christmas.   Sonny senses when his fur brother becomes anxious and will comfort Oakley by laying close to him and even resting his head on him.   Our special boy has earned an AKC Trick Title and AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification.  We love having Sonny in our family!!!”is favorite



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