Loki Jaxson’s Success Story

Loki Jaxson’s Success Story

Loki, now called Bourbon, bounded into his new family’s home and changed their lives for the better!

Not only did he fit in perfectly, but his parents were also excited to see him run and play with their other four dogs, especially their more sedentary female golden, Bowie. Now she and Bourbon walk together every morning and have a healthy competition to be in the lead.

Ever since Bourbon’s arrival, his parents’ sleeping habits have changed. The bed in the master bedroom, which used to be theirs, is now his. Then there are his rituals. He must get a hug on the couch from his mom every morning. He won’t let her drink her coffee until he gets one. He has to “help” his dad when it’s feeding time. He gets between the food containers and his dad to ensure that he’s doing everything correctly. Every meal, when he’s “helping,” his dad says, “back up the bus” to give him room. He also suffers from FOMO: fear of missing out. He MUST be included in everything, including what each of the other dogs is doing.

Bourbon loves car rides. His mom has an Explorer and as soon as the tailgate opens, he jumps in. He doesn’t even wait for it to open all the way. And if no one else is in the car, he waits in the driver’s seat. He also loves branches. When his dad is working in the yard trimming bushes or trees, he grabs the branches – the bigger, the better — as soon as they hit the ground and drags them away. He’s as proud as a peacock with a tree branch in his mouth. He likes them better than all of his toys combined.

Every night before bed, his parents walk all of the dogs around their circular driveway. They call it “doing the loop di loop.” Bourbon will always find something to roll in (grass, mulch, pine needles, etc.) before being the first dog to wait by the front door to go back in the house. Then it’s right to the bedroom and up and onto the bed to deposit whatever he rolled in on the bedspread.



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