Abbie Judie’s Success Story

Abbie Judie’s Success Story

Lisa and Jake were excited to bring Abbey home, but they were also a little nervous since Abbey would be their first dog.  Fortunately, Abbey settled right in and has made their home a much more active place.  Boating and hiking are on Abbey’s list for fun, as well as swimming, of course.  Abbey has even traveled to Miami to support Lisa while she ran in a half-marathon.  At home, Abbey spends part of her time chasing lizards, but when she catches them, she does not know what to do!

Abbey has learned to sit, shake, and lie down.  She is also very good at greeting people at the door, although she does need to work on curbing her excitement just a bit.  Over the past year, Abbey has opened up and become even more playful.  She is definitely a velcro dog and loves to be with her family all of the time.  In fact, if someone is not continuously petting her, she will nudge them as a sweet reminder.  Abbey was loved the minute she joined Lisa and Jake’s family, and they cannot imagine life without her.


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