Champ Archie’s Success Story

Champ Archie’s Success Story

Champ, now loving life in his forever home, was surrendered to GRRMF when his owner had health issues.  Champ himself was overweight, had hip problems along with difficulty breathing.  But that didn’t stop Cathy and Cobb, who had just lost their beloved Lucy a couple of weeks earlier.

Champ entered his new home thinking that his world was food and meals.  In no time the dynamics changed as champ was placed on a vet approved diet, and exercise was introduced.  It took Champ a while to get use to walking on a leash, but once he realized that a good dog on a leash gets to go more places, he began to see the potential.  His walks have increased to about an hour now and unless it’s raining Champ is a go.  If it’s raining Champ doesn’t run (ever), he stands completely still until it stops.

Champ now loves to go, go, go!  Anywhere that people might be is Champs favorite place, hardware store, pet store, on the boat and now….the beach!  His forever family have friends at the beach and Champ, although not a surf dog, knows there are people there that “need” to pet him.  His first experience wasn’t his best though.  As the friends showed his parents around and to their bedroom, Champ was already standing on the bed, and the little mesh bag with foil wrapped chocolates was missing.  Apparently, he ate bag, foil and chocolates, with no problems.

Champ is now a lean 70 lbs and is feeling better than ever.  His endurance, hips and breathing have improved and walking on a leash is a joy.

It wasn’t all easy but with love and patience, Champ and his forever family have bonded into one great golden family.


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