Legacy Dog – Jazz’s Success Story

Legacy Dog – Jazz’s Success Story

From 2003

Jazz came into Kathy’s life in 2003 as a 1 year old bouncing, spinning, happy to see you girl.  As the years past Jazz’s exuberant style never ceased.  When she was 9 she developed melanoma, and was successfully treated at the University of Florida.  While at Gainesville, Jazz gregariously greeted everyone who came to the clinic, making it a better place for all.

Later, when Jazz then got glaucoma and lost an eye, she appeared to be winking at all her friends.  Who knew?  Even through her medical issues, she never lost her zest for life.

Says Kathy, “My friends say since I had raised two ADHD boys before medication was known, that I was the perfect Mom for Jazz. I think she was the perfect dog for me!”


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