Savannah’s Success Story

Savannah’s Success Story

Senior girl Savannah with golden girl Pumpkin

“Simply stated – adopting Savannah was the best decision we have ever made!” says Cheryl about her latest adoption from GRRMF.  “Our little lady has added so much to our lives and family. Her tail has not stopped wagging since she stepped foot into our home.”  Savannah is Cheryl’s fourth dog adopted from GRRMF and their first “senior”.   At first, hesitant to adopt a 9 year old dog especially so shortly after losing their 7 year old Tilly (another GRRMF alumni), Cheryl noticed Savannah’s sweet little face and bio on the website and knew Savannah needed them.

Adoption day began as an adventure and family road trip.  Cheryl’s dad, Pumpkin–the other adopted golden from GRRMF – and Cheryl started on the 2 hour drive to Florida’s west coast. “When we arrived at the house, we immediately fell in love with Savannah!” says Cheryl,  “What a happy, sweet and loving little lady! Her tail was wagging a mile a minute as she licked my face. Pumpkin loved her too!”  This was the first time Pumpkin was happy since losing her “sister” Tilly. No more mopey face Pumpkin. Fun and happiness returned to their home.

Savannah was an angel on the drive home. As she slept, Savannah snuggled with the stuffed toy given to her as her “adoption day” gift.  Once home, Savannah walked right into the house and made herself comfortable on one of the numerous doggie beds in the house. She was “home”! “  Ironically, at the end of the first day we felt as if she had been with us all along. Savannah was a perfect match for us!”  Savannah and Pumpkin have become inseparable. They are always together usually touching or snuggling with each other.  Savannah gets along well with other dogs – a matter of fact she has a few neighborhood boyfriends who come to visit on a regular basis!

For a 9 ½ year old dog, she is still very puppy- like, with her tail constantly wagging. Despite her aging hips, she is always ready for a walk, or ride in the car. She bops up and down, almost to say “me too”, “me too”!Cheryl calls Savannah her “little lady” because she typically has her two front paws crossed. She is so sweet and dainty, often giving Cheryl her paw to “massage”. She loves this!!Savannah is also very inquisitive. She will lie in front of the sliding glass doors just watching the birds, squirrels and enjoying the view. If we have the doors open to the screened in porch she will hang her head out of door and sniff the fresh air. She falls asleep doing this.

The adoption of Savannah was the best decision for Cheryl and Pumpkin!

Senior girl Savannah with golden girl Pumpkin  Senior girl Savannah    Senior girl Savannahn


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