Bombay Ace’s Success Story

Bombay Ace’s Success Story

Making a beeline for his adopters the moment he arrived, Bombay instantly won their hearts and laid claim to his new home.

Putting their initial nervousness to rest with a wave of one golden paw, he settled in quickly and just as quickly began revealing more and more of his particularly sweet and appealing personality. The perfect companion for his work-at-home dad, he adds his Bombay brightness to his mom’s own day when she returns from work, and then rounds it off by accompanying them after dinner on a leisurely family walk.

Not only does he make them feel safe and secure by conducting a protective “sweep” of the house every night before going to bed, he keeps them amused with his many adorable antics. As fond of doggy ice cream as he is of toys that squeak or have long ropes, he’s obsessed with his big basket of toys, excitedly taking every toy out and playing with it in turn. Coming a close second to his enthusiasm for engaging in games of tug-o-war with his dad using one of his long-rope toys, is his enthusiasm for getting to know the other dogs in their neighborhood, eagerly making each one his new best friend.

Then there’s his passion for and appreciation of music. He loves when his mom sings and dances with him, and even if she’s singing in another room, he promptly comes running for a front row seat. And while Bombay isn’t particularly vocal, he once howled along with the siren of a passing fire truck, and he was perfectly on key!

When his parents got married last September, despite his not being in attendance, he sported a bowtie from afar to match those of the groomsmen.

Healthy, happy and blooming, Bombay’s only bugaboo is his anxiety where thunder and fireworks are concerned. But he and his supportive parents get through those scary moments together as a family.


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