Goldie Adele’s Success Story

Goldie Adele’s Success Story

Just look at this beautiful golden girl.  When her original owner passed away she was sad and lonely.  But then one very special family saw her picture on the GRRMF web site and instantly fell in love!  Her new mom says, “Adoption Day was amazing knowing she was mine and she would be safe with us for the rest of her life.”

The feeling was mutual.  Goldie knew right from the start that she was home.  She immediately bonded with her new family.  Now Goldie goes wherever they go, whether it’s to the mountains or their farm, she loves traveling and smiles the entire trip!  Her mom tells a sweet story about when she did have to leave Goldie for a few days, “I had to go away for a weekend and she had to stay with the family here at home and when I got home she just sat and cried and cried all while smiling and laying on top of me.”  It’s safe to say that Goldie truly loves her new family!

Goldie has her own endearing quirks as well.  When she wags her tail – which is all the time – her entire backside swishes back and forth.  On walks, Goldie has to have one of her toy ‘babies’ in her mouth and at night she helps with the kid’s bedtime routine.  Goldie curls up in bed with one child at a time and stays there until they fall asleep then moves on to the next child until they fall asleep, all before finally ending up in the mom and dad’s room for the night!

It’s easy to see how Goldie has transformed this family’s life and how they have done the same for her.  Her new mom puts it best, “Her face is my pure joy moment, she has the biggest warm brown eyes with aged white fur around them and she loves to smile.”


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