Legacy Dog – Ginger’s Success Story

Legacy Dog – Ginger’s Success Story

From 2005

“Elegant 11-year-old Ginger, whom Kevin and I adopted in 2005, graced us with her presence for nearly 6 years,” Donna says, “and left us with a lifetime of memories when she passed.”

When GRRMF picked up Ginger (then called Velvet), she was neglected and in poor health, but her foster mom, Char, nursed her with loving care until she was ready for her fur-ever home.


“Ginger bonded with us and her Golden sister, Mango, immediately – so much so that anyone meeting them assumed they’d spent their lives together. As sensitive as she was sweet, she loved people and other animals equally and showed everyone the same gentle Ginger compassion.

“She smiled often and loved to ‘talk.’ When we brought home a new GRRMF sister, Tilley, she graciously gave her a tour of the house highlighted by a running commentary. She even loved going to the vet, so eager was she to greet all of her friends there!


“When it was time for her to leave us, she gave us a look that we’ll never forget. It was filled with such love and compassion and sorrow at having to say goodbye. I tried to capture the words behind that look and wrote this in her own voice:


“There was a very specific reason I came here. I came to find my people. I came so you could know unconditional love. It wasn’t what you fed me, the times you played with me, all the cuddling that you gave me or when you held me so tight when I was sick or afraid. It was that you were you. I also came so that you would realize the potential in your hearts for your special ability to love. Your love has had no bounds for me. Do you realize how special your are?

“When God sent me on my mission, I thought that it would be easy. Someone would take me home with them and would love me. It was not so easy. My people were not the first who took me home. My road was a twisty-turny one. Finally some very kind people stepped in to help me out. The moment I met you, I knew that you were my people. My very special people. We have shared a love that has been a gift.


“Now it is time I leave you. I don’t want to leave you, but all things have their time. Our hearts will be broken only because we have the capacity to love. This love is too strong to ever be broken. It is too pure to exist only on this earthly plain. Take comfort that love never dies. We will be together again.

“Love, Ginger”


“We were, and always will be so very grateful to have had Ginger in our lives,” Donna concludes. “We thank everyone in our GRRMF family for all of their hard work and for all of the love they’ve brought into so many lives — both two legged and four.”


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