Missy Fay’s Success Story

Missy Fay’s Success Story

Ms. Bowie (formerly Missy), simply called Bowie by her loving family, never misses a chance to make them smile! Not the greatest fan of car rides and exceedingly uneasy on the long drive from her foster home to her adoptive home, it didn’t take her long to get comfortable with the idea that, not only was she in a new space but among friends. By bedtime, she was in her parents’ bed, along with her new doggy siblings, and her parents couldn’t tell where one started and the other ended.

Blessed with the sweetest nature and an absolute treat, Bowie loves basking in the sunshine even on the hottest days and rolling around in the grass. Known as the family’s play instigator, she also loves finding sticks for lively games of keep away and, every once in a while, she humors her mom by engaging instead in a satisfying game of fetch. Enamored of her stuffy toys, and never far from her favorite, an avocado stuffy she found in the yard, she carries them everywhere, especially when she’s excited.

Famous, as well, for being the family’s alarm clock, she has them trained to follow her daily routine, informing them when it’s time for breakfast, a walk, dinner, and bed. Particularly fond of food, even as she works diligently at losing weight, she shows her appreciation for each meal by delicately BELCHING! But her mom’s favorite Bowie trait is her “gator noise” – a little grunt she makes when she’s blissfully happy. At first, they thought she was growling, but she makes that noise whenever she’s rubbed in the right spot, given a cookie and getting ready for a walk.

Endearingly independent, equally content on her own or in the company of people and/or other dogs, only thunderstorms can rattle her confidence. Then all she craves is a comforting cuddle.


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