Cooper Murray’s Success Story

Cooper Murray’s Success Story

Cooper puts the “c” into charming! Large in both size and love when he was adopted, he genially greeted his new mom with hugs and ear nibbles, then cheerfully carved his name on his family’s hearts. The perfect playmate for his golden brother Benson, increasing his confidence and learning the doggy ropes in return, he worked diligently to lose his excess weight, and after shedding 30 pounds and taking medicine for his allergies, he emerged, slim and re-energized, with spirit to spare.

Together, he and Benson keep their family energized as well, increasing their enjoyment of the outdoors in Florida in cooler months and in the mountains of western NC in warmer months. Blessed with a happy-go-lucky personality, Cooper loves everyone he meets and is an eternal optimist – convinced that everyone loves him back and that someone will always pet him or give him a treat. Not only does he have the best butt wiggle when he wags his tail, he’s very expressive, an animated “talker” even when he’s sleeping, and especially enjoys tossing pillows off the couch and snuggling under blankets. Famously fond of toys, his favorite is a reindeer toy he received at Christmas, although the stuffing and squeaker have since disappeared!

While Cooper loves walking through the woods, playing tug-o-war and games of fetch, unlike most goldens, he doesn’t like getting in the water. What he does like, however, is going for rides in the family’s car when they’re in Florida and in their pick-up truck when they’re in NC.

Still a notorious counter surfer and stealthy snack thief, he was disciplined enough to complete a basic obedience course at PetSmart. And thanks to some additional training from a private trainer, he now knows countless commands, walks well on a loose leash, and has nearly perfected the fine art of greeting people more calmly.


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