Cooper Marsh’s Success Story

Cooper Marsh’s Success Story

After waiting months to adopt him, Cooper’s parents were elated when their charming and funny boy finally entered their lives.

No sooner had the gorgeous and gregarious golden’s paws crossed the threshold into their home than his parents began living on “Cooper time.” Three months later, they welcomed Willow, a 12-week-old golden puppy into the fold, and Cooper and Willow have been the best “brother and sister” team ever since.

Passionate about and protective of his tight-knit little family, Cooper always wants to be with his parents or know where they are, and always looks for – and looks out for — his sister. Known as well for his sillier side, he LOVES having his belly rubbed – by anyone! He simply lies upside down, all spread out invitingly, and waits. And when he doesn’t want to come in from the yard, he’ll go to the furthest point and wait until his “well trained” parents shake a treat bag in the air before he good-naturedly complies.

Eager and enthusiastic, with a long list of favorite activities, Cooper also loves playing with his toys, playing ball, playing with ropes, chasing Frisbees, running with Willow in the backyard and going camping. He especially enjoys walking the campgrounds with his sister to visit all of the other people there. Not to mention riding anywhere in his dad’s truck. He’s the “navigator” and wants to see where he’s going.

Healthy, well-adjusted and happy at 65 pounds, he’s no longer bothered by loud noises, and recently completed his Basic Obedience Fundamentals, coming first in his class!


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