Tucker Murray’s Success Story

Tucker Murray’s Success Story

Both Tucker and his forever family knew they had won the lottery on adoption day!

An admirably athletic and extremely energetic two-year-old, Tucker loves, loves, LOVES to swim, so much so that his parents must leash him before taking him outside to their fenced backyard to keep him from leaping into the pool and going for a swim. He, meanwhile, returns the favor and keeps them in shape by taking them on extraordinarily long, daily walks which he sees as hunting expeditions: “look, a squirrel, let’s play chase … look, a rabbit … I think I can catch him!”

Affable, affectionate, and most assuredly a Velcro dog, Tucker faithfully follows his parents through the house and adores having his belly rubbed, even waiting outside their bedroom door to be “rubbed down” before their morning walk. Sweet and social, he loves meeting and greeting his many doggy friends (mostly female) along the way, especially Hazel, another golden, eagerly stopping her dad so that he can play with her.

As passionate about car rides as he is about toys, his favorites are black “Kong” balls that he enjoys chasing down because they bounce so unpredictably, and his “turkey leg” squeeze toy. Always adventurous, never backing away from a challenge, he mastered the art of riding in a hotel elevator and climbing stairs when the family, true “flat landers,” traveled to Jacksonville during Hurricane Ian.

Largely untrained when he was adopted, Tucker soon mastered his “sit”, “wait”, “lie down” and “shake hands” commands and learned to wait calmly for his food bowl to be placed before he could eat. And although he still likes to lead on their walks, he’s honed his leash skills enough to understand that he shouldn’t pull and that he must remain in place until less friendly dogs have passed by rather than express his elation at the mere sight of them.


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